Ki managed to completely redesign the site of the main private mining group in the north of our country, and one of the ten largest copper producers in the world.

This project aimed to generate a collaborative environment and achieve the capture of more and better innovation ideas for our mining client.


The mining group had an innovation site focused on its internal workers that required a revamp based on the new challenges it faced. 

The company did not have a good user experience (UX) and there was a long form to complete. In addition, the system tended to crash, causing the user to give up uploading their ideas.


Our client was aware that their site was difficult to use and did not attract attention, so they aspired to have a site that was a reference in the market. Given this context, we did a robust UX work to make a simple, harmonious and visually appealing site. Not only a public site was created, but also forms were set up to capture ideas and challenges to the external provider, so that they could contribute to the private site. 

Best development practices and usability standards (UX/UI) were combined, allowing the company to have a website recognized by its peers and valued by its users.

On the other hand, a simple to use and robust content manager was delivered to manage the information of the public site. This is Sitefinity, a world-class CMS that stands out for its ease of use for content creation and management.


Once the site was launched, internal users provided positive feedback. Externally, the site also attracted attention. The client was contacted by international government entities. 

Ki succeeded in making the company's innovation site a very attractive site, open to the ecosystem for more innovation ideas and standing out in the industry among peers.

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