Santiago de Chile's main public transport system needed to integrate the data generated from the new transport service lines into its central system.


We exhaustively analyzed the client's problems and architecture, including the modeling of the solution. Then, we designed, programmed and implemented bots-ETL's (automatons) that integrated data from the systems in less than 3 minutes to populate the central warehouse with the data contained in the client's database. We also generated a Capacity Planning in order to explain and warn the storage problems that would arise due to the implementation that the previous company had done.

We work under the Scrum methodology, generating value to the solution incrementally and periodically, as well as keeping the project documentation updated and having concrete performance measurements of each part of the developed system.


With our solution, the client was able to integrate the information between systems to quantify the usability of the new service lines within the environment they are already accustomed to, allowing them to have greater financial control, know the influx of public within the new lines, as well as maintain reportability and integration with other systems to which transactions are reported.

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