The world and its current dynamics have led technology to create increasingly optimal versions, allowing millions of devices around the world to be interconnected to consolidate the industry. How has this development been achieved? Through cutting-edge applications, including the Internet of Things (IoT).

For us at Ki Teknology, creating first class developments is a permanent goal, we work from the global view of business, meeting the particular needs of each of them. Our team of experts recognizes the usefulness of IoT to generate business and organizational growth, therefore, focuses its actions towards digital transformation at all costs.

As Jorge Moya, our Software Engineering Lead, pointed out to us, this technology is a useful interconnection that has benefits for all areas, "this is because it allows us to obtain data and process it, giving us the opportunity to mitigate problems, solve them, establish preventive and corrective actions and make decisions to innovate". 

What was once thought unattainable, is now a recurrent way of making things work, whether at home, in companies, institutes or organizations. Therefore, we share different examples that explain how the Internet of Things is an emerging technology that has arrived to revolutionize all spheres.

Connecting the particular to the global 

This application has become an example of evolution in the industry, since the developments that contemplate this type of technology manage to have a gear of great benefits between sensors, systems and devices. Below we detail some cases that demonstrate its usefulness in businesses and organizations.  

  • Housing: there are increasingly collaborative protection systems. Imagine a fire alarm that when activated sends a message, mail or call to generate an alert, this allows the owners to act to prevent further damage. The connection of devices is part of the Internet of Things and delivers important benefits within the home.
  • Commerce: the doors of a mall open automatically, through the use of motion or proximity sensors. However, this mechanism can go further. Through IoT, the interconnection of the system and/or sensors allows knowing, for example, how many times the doors open per day and from this data, generate preventive maintenance, so the operation of the doors would be optimal on a permanent basis. Also, it could be established that when a certain number of doors are opened, that area is sanitized, thus reiterating that the internet of things has become an ally of businesses, even in times of contingency. In addition, it would be possible to determine the amount of cleaning material required per day, and this allows the company in charge of maintenance to make consumption projections that are very useful. 

  • Educational institutions: a relevant example in this context is the use of seismic sensors.  Through T-waves, they capture the signals and generate the alert, thus activating the Deyse Operation protocols (evacuation and school safety). This increases the possibility of protecting and safeguarding both students and staff in the educational center's facilities.

  • Agriculture: in this area, it helps to generate value and improve decision-making, given that through the use of sensors such as flow meters, it is possible to calculate the amount of water required to increase planting, which would improve production and meet consumer demand. Data collection and analysis brings growth, and this technology goes hand in hand with it.  

  • Logistics and transportation: the delivery of products, which can be monitored in real time, complies with a series of protocols that make up the IoT circuit. In this case, we also see how the internet of things is a technology of collective benefits, since it allows the company to have detailed control of its shipments, through the collection of satellite data, and in relation to the customer, it improves their user experience. 

  • Distribution / promotion: the example of these areas is related to vending machines, through the internet of things, the owners of these equipments can implement a system that determines the actual stock in each of them, thus optimizing the process of replenishment of products and also know the demand for consumption by areas. A system that also becomes an ally for the distribution and marketing of products.

All these examples are a sample of the value and usefulness of this technology in the industry and the world. As Jorge Moya indicated, "through the internet of things we manage collected information, creating automated and intelligent environments, triggering events and/or actions with external and internal environments, delivering value to the business and above all, essential data for decision-making and future projections".

That is why our team of experts, with great innovative potential, works to determine the needs of each client and design specific solutions. Through technology, we can meet the requirements presented to us and create solution proposals for companies or organizations from the operational, tactical and functional points of view.

It is also relevant to take into account that this interconnection has arrived to provide solutions to large and important problems in the business environment. However, areas such as mining, livestock, agriculture will have greater benefits from this technology, since it allows directly to achieve cost reduction, offer better quality of life to their employees, optimize logistics and delivery processes, among others.

Everything is given to consolidate the digital transformation in organizations. If you want to start this cutting-edge process in your business, do not hesitate to contact us at info@KI and discover how we innovate and transform organizations. 


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